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Switches, Sockets, Industrial Sockets & Isolators

An extensive range of Switches, Sockets, Weatherproof Switches, Weatherproof Sockets etc which are available in an exciting range of colours and finishes from brands like MK, Schneider electric, legrand, master seal plus

MCB, MCCB, ELCB, Control Panels, Water Meter Box

Protect your valuable electrical and electronic devices from damages of high voltages using the control panels devices like MCB, MCCB, ELCB etc. from the leading manufacturer

Cables & Wires, Flexible Cable, Panel Wires

Wide range of high quality cables from the worlds leading brands like ducab, rrcable, MESC, ITALCO

  • Building Wires (PVC Insulated)
  • LV Cables (PVC Sheather)
  • LSF Building Wires
  • LSF LV Cables
  • Fire Alarm Cables
  • Fire Performance Cables
  • MV Cables as per Utility Spaces
  • PVC Flexible Cables
  • Bubber Flexible Cables
  • Instrumentation & Control Cables
  • BMS and Electrinic Cables

Light Fittings & Lighting Products

Shop from a wide range of Light fittings and Lighting accessories at an affordable price fromt the leading manufacturers like Philips, Osram, Megalight etc.

  • HID Lamps & Gear
  • External Light Fittings-Landscape
  • Industrial & Commercial Light Fixtures
  • LED Lighting
  • Flood Lights

Cable Tray / Cable Management & Floor Box

We have all the products you need for your cable management system, to be installed in office or big complexes like the cable tray, floor box etc, that can be installed on the wall, floor or on the roof...

Earth Pit, Earth Rods/ Strip, Lighting Protection

We have all the Earthing rods and lifhtning protection system from the top brands like Furse, RR Kabel, Kingsmill

  • Earth Rods
  • Clamps
  • Couplers
  • Accessories

Engraved Labels, All Labels, Stickers & Markers

We have a wide variety of custom decals, warning labels, and other facility labels to fit your every business requirement, manufactured by top brands available in different types of materials, sizes, colors, and styles.

Power cords, Extension Cords, Power Tools

Choose from a wide variety of high quality Extension Cords and power cords for your power extention needs. Make sure to use the correct extention cords for your use by calculating the load and we have all products that you need.

Cable Glands, Lugs, Cable Joint Kit

We provide high voltage brass and aluminium cable glands with cast integral earth lug (CIEL) for external earth connections and maintaining earthing under high fault current conditions. for maintaining earthing under high fault current conditions

Emergency / Exit Lights, Smoke / Heat Detector

Smoke and heat detectors along with emergency and exit liights are unavoidable parts of any building infrastructure for security reasons. We provide you the best quality products to handle emergency situations that arise in your office and appartments

GI Conduits, GI Trunking, Slotted Channels

we are offering a vast range of GI conduits pipes, GI trunking, slotted channels and accessories. These products are specifically designed to meet the electrification demands of households, commercial establishments and industrial buildings. Fabricated using high quality material, these are known for accurate dimension, light weight and long service life.

Manufactured by worlds top brands like Barton, Maruichi, Braco etc these are of high quality and long lasting

Cat6, Fiber Optic Wires, U Cabinet, Patch Panel

Patch your fiber optic cables to your enclosures with these convenient patch panels and adapters. Unloaded or pre-loaded, we have a number of different customizable options available to fit whatever application you require.

PVC Pipes, PVC Junction Box, W/P Box

We have the high quality PVC products like pipes, junction boxes, W/P boxes, PVC pipe fittings, switch boxes etc for all your house hold and industrial wiring needs from the top manufacturers of the world

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